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'MAP-57' 5.7mm Pistol Info by KillSwitchWes 'MAP-57' 5.7mm Pistol Info by KillSwitchWes
"MAP-57" Modular Assault Pistol

WEAPON TYPE: Light handgun w/attached secondary weapons
RACE/GROUPE:Human/Common Pool
MANUFACTURER: Zimm & Zeller Tactical Inc.
WIEGHT CLASS: Light (duel wield)
CHAOS: Very low
RELIABILITY/MAX SURVICE LIFE: Very high / 500 rounds
MAG SIZE/AMMO:15 rounds / 5.7-7.95x28mm JSP round
SECONDARY WEP DAMAGE: 20mm Grenade [CONC] 72hp/62vp FDR: 1.5M DR: 4M / Med high,
Flair [BURN/SCORCH] 8HP/5VP (x10-13 Sec) / Med,
Cutting Laser [SCORCH] 2HP/1VP per PU / Med high,
.410 Shotgun [BULLET/MULTISHOT] 9HP/1VP (x6) / Low,
Arc Taser [ELEC/STUN] 3HP/1.5VP per PU - stun .5Sec/15PU / Very high (100%)
Acid Sprayer [SCORCH] 2HP/2VP (x8Sec) per LU / Very low (0%) eats armor first.

FIRE MODES: SA, 3 Round Burst (900RPM).
PRIMARY FIRE: Fire 5.7x28mm round
SECONDARY FIRE: Fire attached weapon

ATTACHMENTS: LAM, Tac Light, Tac Flasher, Melee Blade...

AMMO UPGRADES: +P - +P+ / More damage 2ndary
ACC UPGRADES: Accurized barrel -

From the leader in tactical arms manufacturing, Zimm & Zeller Tactical, comes the perfect complement to the famed “MAR-78” assault rifle. The “MAP-57” pistol is a light pistol that will lay the hurt on your foes and bring them to their knees, if not lower. This pistol is a favorite amongst many police and military organizations in the Terran territory throughout the galaxy, as well as with terror groups and criminals alike. The light weight, low recoil, 15 round mags, good accuracy, and the ability to be duel wielded make this weapon a good sidearm to have in any tactical situation. Although this pistol is the weakest semi-auto sidearm in shot-for-shot stopping power, its 5.7x28mm round is more than capable of taking out light to medium armored foes as it has a much higher armor penetration rate as opposed to the larger 9mm and .45ACP rounds which have very little. Even with being one of few pistols to take on an armored foe, the REAL centerpiece is its ability to accept a vast array of secondary weapon attachments to suit the various circumstances in combat and to supplement its weaker fire power. These facts add up to one thing; this is the most versatile pistol on the market to date.

The first attachment is the cutting laser module. It emits a small, powerful precision cutting laser that has a very long range, but the strength starts to diminish at around 75M. It uses a high powered battery as its ammo source but the laser matrix drains its power fairly quick, about 10PU (Power Units) per second, allowing for only about ten seconds or fire time, even so it's still enough to cut your enemies down to size and then some.

The .410 shotgun module is the best attachment for CQC in smaller, cramped spaces. Though it is the weakest common shotgun bore, it is suitable for home/self defense and has been used as such for well over 200 years. This module is feed by a five round mag and being semi-auto, is able to fire them off as fast as you can pull the trigger. Using a 3in. shot shell filled with 6 OO buckshot pellets, a full hit can still do a good amount of damage, but the spread is tight so you must still have a good aim on your target.
The arc taser shoots a continuous stream of high voltage electricity that stuns its victims for a split second after being hit so to keep them stunned you must keep hitting them with the electro-arc. Although this is considered a "Less Than Lethal" weapon, it has the capacity to kill as well. By continuously jolting the target, it is possible to make them convulse so hard that their heart stops and it cooks them from within. This module uses the same battery as the cutting laser and has about the same power consumption as well.

The acid sprayer uses a small, highly pressurized container filled with 20 LU (Liquid Units) of a strong 1PH level acid at a range of 10M with a tight spray pattern. Capable of spraying 10 LU/Sec means that the ammo is depleted in 2 seconds, but that is more than plenty to melt away armor and flesh alike. After being sprayed, it continues to melt away at everything for an agonizing eight seconds before it evaporates into the air.

The 20mm flair launcher fires a self contained flair round. When fired it ignites after 2 seconds. The flair is able to stick to any surface; it burns for 10 seconds before exploding, sending the flaming remains of the flair in all directions before burning out a few seconds later. The flair has the potential to do more overall damage than the 20mm grenade, but it does this in a prolonged period of time allowing the target to continue to attack while sustaining damage, and the fact it must be stuck directly to the target for max effect makes this a weak direct assault weapon. Firing the flair also gives away your position as the brightness of the flair can be seen for a great distance, but this can be used to your advantage, if close enough the flair will blind anyone within its range for as long as they're within range and looking at it making for a good distraction tool in CQC, and it can also light up the battle fields at night.

The more powerful and most popular of the attachments is the 20mm HE (High Explosive) grenade launcher. It fires a self contained round that upon impact detonates and releases a small concussive shock wave that injures within a 4M radius with a full damage radius of 1.5M. Although it is slightly less damaging than the flair, its impact detonation, doing all the damage instantly, and area of affect make it a much better direct assault weapon and closed area clearing. It also does more damage against vehicles.

Pease leave your thoughts about the stats, backstory/discripion and picture as I know there's room for improvement! ALL Constructive Crit IS welcome and appreciated :)
(Modeled after FN Five-seveN)
DarkProxy Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Sweet work
zerosignal01 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
this is good. the idea of a grenade launcher on a machine pistol is sexy.
RavingEagle Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Personally, I love the 5.7mm round and who doesn't want a 20mm grenade handy.
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